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8105633_origMy 10 years of real court room experience have equipped me well to serve on the Court of Appeals. This is experience that I will use to add value to our Court .
The NC Court of Appeals has the duty of reviewing the decisions of other trial judges and hearing officers, yet only 3 judges out of 15 have prior experience as trial judges. Because the majority of cases heard by the NC Court of Appeals originate in trial courts, appellate judges with judicial trial court experience will only serve to enhance our overall court system.
As a trial court judge, I understand the impact that a judge’s decision may have on the parties involved. At the end of an opinion is a person, a worker, or a business owner. We need to have the right judges with the right experience who understand the importance of following the law and the Constitution. I want to contribute my decade of judicial experience in trial court and increase the overall value of our NC Court of Appeals.





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